Permanent Hiring Solutions

Leadership Hiring: Research based Search Assignments.

Lateral hiring: Need based permanent hiring support across junior, mid & senior level roles.

Turnkey Hiring: Project based, SLA driven exclusive assignments to fulfill hiring needs during spikes.

'The Why-What-How Pathway'

Goal Orientation and Career Guidance Workshops

A program designed to connect the dots between personal goals and the chosen career in order to extract the maximum out of the opportunities made available, while pursuing their academic program.

Instigates: 1. Reasoning behind signing up for the program, hence affirming positive action to make it a success. 2. Increased sense of responsibility towards one's goals and aspirations. 3. Need to make the best use of the available resources to make wiser career decisions.

'Buddy Bond'

On-Campus Induction Program

This Fresher Induction Program helps connect and build an increased understanding amongst class mates and teachers from DAY-1.This accelerates students enagagement and facilitate seamless interaction during the course of the academic program.

Establishes: 1. Connects between Classmates, Teachers, Mentors and Guides. 2. Introduction of faciliating arms/departments in the institute, designed with the best interest of students in mind. 3. Increased team bonding and Cohesiveness

'Drain the Strain'

Job Interview Preparation & Soft Skills development

This interactive job interview preparation module prepares candidates to face the interview questions with clarity and grace.

Results in: 1. De-stressing oneself during interviews. 2. Knowing the art of grabing the job of one's choice.

'The Corporate Gate'

Campus to Corporate Connect

This workshop is designed to prepare students to face the dynamic professional environment soon after they step out of the cozy academic setup with clarity and ease. This also directs and guides students to explore modes of reaching out to potential opportunities in their field of expertise.

Facilitates: 1. Easy transition of candidates from an academic setup to the corporate world. 2. An open minded approach towards reaching out to potential opportunities.

'Prepare your Gear'

Public Speaking & Personality Development Program

A program designed to prepare the aspirant to build and develop his personality and to remove fear of speaking in front of an audience.

Improves: 1. Public Speaking skills 2. Presentability

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